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Chiropractor Near Me | Redmond, WA

You are way off course here. Read about NUCCA (National Upper Cervical Association and Atlas Chiroprators. C-1 is the only vertebra that needs adjusting, and one only needs to go when it is needed. You will know when to go. Dr. George Berry in Longview, Tx and Dr. Cecilia Yu in Dallas, Tx. I believe there is one in Austin area, but have not been to one there. Google it for one in your area. Atlas uses sound to make the adjustment and NUCCA uses hand manipulation with very slight pressure. No cracking or popping of joints. I was scheduled for injections and being prepared for surgery. All five lowers are bulging. Luckily found out about this technique the week before injections. That was three years ago. Back to playing golf.

Is it common practice for a chiropractor to see a new patient 9 times in the first 34 days of the doctor-patient relationship? If so, under what circumstances is this frequency of visitation considered normal?

The other thing that younger, newer chiropractors are doing is using a “plunger” type tool instead of manually adjusting your back. They cannot “feel” what is happening and may cause unknown damage, such as broken spinal processes, that has to be repaired with major spine surgery by a neurosurgeon. If you use a chiropractor rather than an osteopath, make sure everything is done manually, as well as making sure you get a full body adjustment. An osteopath is trained to only give full body adjustments and only use his/her hands — no tools! I had 3 pieces of bone that migrated to my sciatic nerve after a chiropractic adjustment, (took 3 months to diagnose) and major neurosurgical spine surgery, after a two chiropractic adjustments. Now I have sequelae that caused permanent damage. Of course, I cannot prove that the three pieces of bone that had to be removed surgically, were caused by the chiropractic treatment, but there is no other explanation.


Can you give me the name of a Doctor (Osteo/Chiro) in the North Orange County, Calif. who practices this method. I had such an Old School Chiropractor (Dr. Minor), but he passed on several years ago. His adjustments took 30 minutes, were head to toe and kept me going for several weeks/months. I haven’t found anyone yet that is a fraction as good as he was.


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